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On behalf of the Assyrian Policy Institute, thank you for joining us for the API Virtual Conference 2020! This conference is designed for everyone, whether one is new to issues impacting Assyrians or someone well-informed. Our team has worked to design an inclusive, supportive, and engaging experience that transcends a traditional conference design. While the live sessions have concluded, we invite you to learn at your own pace through our on-demand content. You can access these sessions through December 1.

Pre-recorded presentations. Listed in alphabetical order.

Visit our Exhibitor Hall to learn more about organizations doing important work, how you can support them, and how to get involved. Look for giveaways at the different booths! Note: Exhibitor Hall cannot be accessed from a mobile device.

Gabrial Babella

President, Assyrian Youth Federation of America

Abdulmesih Barabraham


Eamama Daniyal

President, ACSSU of Canada

Assyrian Arts Institute


The Assyrian Journal

Assyrian Kitchen

Jack Jendo

Board Member, Assyrian Support Committee

Assyrian Podcast

Assyrian Studies Association

Berta Kaisr

Vice President, ACSSU of Canada

Anahit Khosroeva

Genocide Scholar, Institute of History, Republic of Armenia

Alexandra Lazar

Executive Director, Assyrian Studies Association

Assyrians for Education

Bet Nahrain Assyrian Heritage Centre

Etuti Institute

Nineveh Plain Defense Fund

Nineveh Press

Shlama Foundation

Noor Matti

Co-Founder and Board Member, Shlama Foundation

Sargon Saadi 


Ashtar Shamoun

President, Assyrian Student Association of Los Angeles

Remel Somo

Journalist and Advocate

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Peter Warda

President, Assyrian American Association of Southern California

William Warda

Co-Founder and PR Director, Hammurabi Human Rights Organization